What do I need to do if I like the room and want to move in? 

1. Submit your Application form on our website www.iroomuk.com and send ID or passport (full front and visa page) to info@iroomuk.com.

2. Provide all required documents and pay your deposit. Ensure you send all documents to speed up the process. If you are not sure or have questions - just ask.

3. Once all is approved we will prepare your contract and you  would need to proceed with the rest of your payment. 

4. Once all is done you will get your Welcome pack with access codes to the house and your room.

Can I change my mind after I have reserved the room?

Once the deposit/bond is paid and application is approved you cannot withdraw your application, the room is reserved for you. 

Why do you need a copy of my ID?

At iRoom-UK we value security most of all, your security foremost. It is also required by law  through 'right to rent' legislation.

What is included in my accommodation payment?

Your accommodation payment allows you to use your room for the indicated period of time along with the furniture in it. It also allows you to use house facilities (bathroom(s), shower(s), toilet(s), and kitchen along with all kitchen facilities, garden and other common areas. Bills are also included – subject to fair usage policy especially for gas and electricity. High speed Wi-Fi and weekly cleaning of common areas are complimentary.

Who will I live with?

We are looking for likeminded people, we are confident that we have got the best possible flatmates. Most of our residents are young professionals in their mid-20s and 30s from Australia and EU.

Can I move out before my contract finishes?

iRoom-UK only accepts cancellation notices on the notice due date – 4 weeks/2 months before your contract end date. You cannot cancel your contract before this, well you can, but you will lose your bond. We don’t think you want that.

Can I extend my contract? Or what do I have to do if I want to move out?

2 month prior to your contract end date you will get an email notification asking you if you would renew or cancel your accommodation agreement – contract. If you would like to extend your contract, you need to submit RENEWAL FORM on our website: indicating the length of your renewal. If you would like to move out, you need to submit NOTICE TO LEAVE form on our website within 48 hours. You will get your Self Move Out instruction via email then.

If something is not working like shower or oven, what do I do?

If there is an issue in the house please send your inquiries to maintenance@iroomuk.com. Emails are constantly monitored by our team and will get answered faster than texts/phone calls. Please note all emails are being answered on the priority basis. iRoom-UK provides maintenance to all our properties ensuring you all have great living conditions. We will respond to emergency issues such as no electricity, no hot water, etc by the end of the next business day. Regular maintenance will be conducted in the priority manner by our maintenance team or other providers.