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Move in costs: 2 weeks deposit (refundable upon move out) + 2 weeks room payment. All utility bills are included. WIFI is complimentary. Weekly cleaning of common areas is not included. Easy and fast online application process. High tech communication. Echo sign contracts. Door access codes. Welcome pack sent to you prior to move in will include all necessary information about house rules, requests etc. 
All application forms are subjects to referencing and approval.

Rolling contracts with 1 month notice. Shorter term contract can be arranged with prior approval from iRoom-UK Admin team. References required. 3 month bank statements, last 3 payslips or letter of employment. Payments must be done on time. Bond/ deposit cannot be used as last accommodation payment. Notice: 1 months prior to the chosen contract end date. No notices at any time. Bonds are refunded upon move out and are subject to any deductions for damages. iRoom-UK provides furnished and equipped property. All necessities are included. The room is furnished with a comfortable bed, wardrobe (s) and chests of drawers(s). Fully equipped kitchen (cooker, oven, toaster, microwave, kettle, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, iron, 2- 3 fridge freezers, pots and pans, dishes, cutlery and utensils. 
House rules: No parties. No smoking. No pets. Respectful considerate behaviour. No unauthorized guests (guest request shall be sent to iRoom-UK Admin team for approval). Rooms and properties must be kept clean and tidy. No additional furniture without prior approval. 
eXtra services to accommodate any needs available: bedding sets, weekly room cleaning, mail hold, late check in and check out etc. 








What do I need to do if I like the room and want to move in? 


1. Submit your Application form on our website and send ID or passport (full front and visa page) to

2. Provide all required documents and pay your deposit. Ensure you send all documents to speed up the process. If you are not sure or have questions - just ask.

3. Once all is approved we will prepare your contract and you would need to proceed with the rest of your payment. 

4. Once all is done you will get your Welcome pack with access codes to the house and your room.

Can I change my mind after I have reserved the room?


Once the deposit/bond is paid and application is approved you cannot withdraw your application, the room is reserved for you. 

Why do you need a copy of my ID?


At iRoom-UK we value security most of all, your security foremost. It is also required by law  through 'right to rent' legislation.

What is included in my accommodation payment?


Your accommodation payment allows you to use your room for the indicated period of time along with the furniture in it. It also allows you to use house facilities (bathroom(s), shower(s), toilet(s), and kitchen along with all kitchen facilities, garden and other common areas. Bills are also included – subject to fair usage policy especially for gas and electricity. High speed Wi-Fi is complimentary.


Who will I live with?


We are looking for likeminded people, we are confident that we have got the best possible flatmates. Most of our residents are young professionals in their mid-20s and 30s from Australia and EU.

Can I move out before my contract finishes?

iRoom-UK only accepts cancellation notices on the notice due date – 1 month before your contract end date. You cannot cancel your contract before this, well you can, but you will lose your bond. We don’t think you want that.

Can I extend my contract? Or what do I have to do if I want to move out?

1 month prior to your contract end date you will get an email notification asking you if you would renew or cancel your accommodation agreement –contract. If you would like to extend your contract, you need to submit RENEWAL FORM on our website: indicating the length of your renewal. If you would like to move out, you need to submit NOTICE TO LEAVE form on our website within 48 hours. You will get your Self Move Out instruction via email then.

If something is not working like shower or oven, what do I do?

If there is an issue in the house please send your inquiries to Emails are constantly monitored by our team and will get answered faster than texts/phone calls. Please note all emails are being answered on the priority basis. iRoom-UK provides maintenance to all our properties ensuring you all have great living conditions. We will respond to emergency issues such as no electricity, no hot water, etc by the end of the next business day. Regular maintenance will be conducted in the priority manner by our maintenance team or other providers. 






We provide houses that are fully furnished with all the necessities and we handle all bills payments. With iRoom-UK you get fully furnished private room in a house share with fully equipped kitchen (cooker, oven, toaster, microwave, kettle, washing machine, dryer, vacuum cleaner, iron, fridge, freezers, pots

and pans, dishes, cutlery and utensils), bathrooms, garden, other common areas providing all the needed amenities - all are brought to excellent standards and are shared with other occupiers of the house. We offer best service for our customers. iRoom-UK accommodation includes soft-furnishings and cooking utensils so that tenants don't need to bring their own and have services included in room payment. All rooms are fully furnished with a comfortable bed, wardrobe (s) and chests of drawers(s). All bills included (council tax, gas, electricity and water). High speed Wi-Fi is complimentary. All our houses are equipped to the latest health and safety regulations. Our houses are located close to tube stations, DLR and National Rail, close to major bus lines with fast access to the City Centre. Minutes to the largest shopping center in EUROPE from most of our properties; shops that are open 24/7, pubs, bars, cafes, gyms. Areas are safe and with all amenities nearby.








We want people to live at home not in a house share. We are looking for likeminded people as living in a house share can be a fantastic experience. You'll live with your fair share of wonderful people, each of whom will introduce you to invaluable new life experiences. We are confident that we have got the best possible flatmates. Most of our residents are young professionals in their mid-20s and 30s from Australia and EU. iRoom-UK performs extensive selecting process and we can assure you will have likeminded housemates. Your London experience is also who you are going to share your morning cup or coffee with or who will cook dinner for you when you are back from work and the people who you will share one roof with during your stay. You will meet fellow travellers and those who become a part of your home. After all your London experience is not only about working long hours, enjoying cultural and party scene but also who you are going to share your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea with. We want you to come home after hard working day at work and have an opportunity for an easy chat while cooking dinner, or share a large pack of biscuits and hot pot of tea while watching TV. You will meet both: fellow travellers and young professionals, people from different cultures and countries that will contribute in positive way to your London experience. And you will make friends that might last forever! The stay with iRoom- UK shall be a positive experience.





Trudi Hamer

The team at iRoom were super-professional from day one. I was anxious about sharing a home, being in my mid-30s. I explained to them that I needed a short-term let while I waited for my next tenancy. They took the time to listen, where other agencies hadn't, and gave me several options to suit my needs. Every option presented was liveable, clean, comfortable and tidy - some of the places I'd been shown by other agencies I wouldn't allow a dog to stay in! The rental prices are also great value for money and the fact that bills are included minimises any stress as you know exactly what your outgoings are.
I would recommend this agency to anyone new to London, or anyone that needs a stop-gap in-between properties. The customer service is efficient and friendly and the ladies are on hand at all hours of the day.
They deserve the full five stars, which I would not give out lightly.
Many thanks all :)

Silvia Mangano

My experience with iRoom-uk has been excellent. A very professional and proactive approach, they kept me informed at all times and gave me the necessary assistance during the rental process. Usually I try to avoid agencies because most of the time they have very high fees and it's difficult to communicate with them. This is not case, iRoom-uk is different. I was looking for a room and I found this advertisement online. They have been very professional and helpful since the beginning giving me all the information requested. Book a room with them is very easy and if you experience any problem, the iRoom-uk team is always there to help you which makes a big difference when you are a tenant. If you have any maintenance issue, the maintenance department deals with it promptly to minimise any inconvenient for tenants. I live in east london, I really like the area, leyton is well connected with central london and there are a lot shops and restaurant around. It's also very close to stratford, where you can find the biggest shopping centre in Europe. IRoom-uk gives you the chance to live in a multicultural environment, my housemates are very nice, all from different european countries and we all contributes to maintain the house clean thanks to a cleaning rota managed by the agency. I am very satisfied with the service and I am happy to recommend to others!!!

Stephanie Clifford

My experience with your company has been nothing but positive. Booking an appointment was very easy to view the house & even easier to move in. Once I expressed my interests into taking the room, it was a simple process of signing the paperwork & paying 2 weeks rent & within days I was able to move in. Any queries that we may have had have been answered with a day or two & any maintenance problems we had were addressed accordingly. The house is in a perfect location that is away from the main busy street, but close to the tube station and major supermarket's. My housemates are amazing, we all get along & have been very lucky to come across such wonderful people and new found friends. Having such a wonderful experience with iRoom's has made the move from Australia to London that much easier. I will be renewing my contract for another 14 weeks and will let anyone I meet or know that is also making the move over to have a look at renting with iRoom's. Kind regards, Stephanie Cliffford 


Erika Mathe

My name is Erika from Hungary.I was looking for accommodation on Internet for one of my friends.The most simply was on Facebook .I found it soon ,it was iRoom-UK.Unfortunately my friend should go home shortly in my country (family affair).Now I live in this house from iRoom-UK more than one year.I like this property because I have never live so nice and modern refurbished house.This situated is very good area,lots of shops everywhere, bus stop one minutes etc. We are people from different countries with different coulture but is not problem indeed. My English is not so nice and I learn lot of things from the others.I found friends from Portugal I have never believe it before. If you looking for the modern house with youthful residents, coming to the iRoom''s houses.


Amanda Ward

I was very great full that I was able to find a room so easily through iRooms. It was a very quick, stress free process. I was able to view rooms, apply and move in within 3 days! I have a great group of housemates and the location is perfect! I have really enjoyed being here and plan to extend my contract. My only downfall is that there have been quite a few m aintenance issues with the house that I feel should have been addressed before tenants were allowed to move in, some of which are still to be addressed. All in all I have had a great experience and would recommend iRoom's services.

Gabriella Ross

Booking a room through iRoom UK was fairly easy, all we needed to do was send an email letting them know which room we were looking at and we got a response straight away. Our required documents and contracts were verified within a day or so and we moved in that same week. The housemates I have ended up with are awesome and I've been quite lucky this way as I'll most likely keep in contact with them all no matter where I

head next. The area is super convenient, East London, a 10 minute walk to the nearest tube on the Central line. 5-7 minute walk to the nearest supermarkets and just around the corner from the post shop and convenience stores etc. Overall moving in has been a pretty relaxed, easy experience.

Chelsea Zanki

With iRoom-UK it was easy to arrange to view the room by email and by Facebook message, and also easy to book the room via email. My fellow housemates are great and we get along well! It's very useful that we can each pay our rent separately to iRoom-UK and don't nee

d to worry about anyone else. It's great that bills are included in the rent cost so that we only need to make the regular rent payment and know that it is all taken care of.

Virginia Valera

I will never regret contacting iRoom Uk! I was in a hurry to find a room and I just did it within 2 days. I have been with the agency for 6 months and never had any problem with them nor my housemates. The process was very easy and the team of iRoom Uk is always willing to help you with any problem you could have. I would highly recommend it!Laura Bodo Lajber I've lived in London for almost 7 years and my experience with iRoom has been the best I've had in this city. The loveliest home, excellent housemates, in a well kept big house. I found iRoom to be very reliable, flexible, friendly and just an easy and pleasant experience overall. They quickly solved problems, they responded to inquiries immediately, really great communication. If I have to find a houseshare again, iRoom will definitely be my first choice!

Andrew Wards

I have been living with iRoom for 10 months now as I find them easy to deal with and they cater to Antipodeans living abroad such as myself. I have a nice warm house in a good location and great housemates I now call friends. I'd recommend iRoom to an y fellow 20-something travellers looking to base themselves in London. Sophie Farrell iRoom has been absolutely fantastic - It's never been easier to find great accommodation! Excellent value for money, lovely residential area with good transport link to central London. Perfect for people who need accommodation asap - after viewing a room I was moved in 3 days later! :)

Hannah Louise Malone Jackson

IRoom - UK is ideal for the person wanting short term accommodation on the go. They offer affordable and functional accommodation at a fast pace.

Rudi Thirion, partner

I have been working with iRoom-UK for about 5 years and have to say that they are really good in what they do. Working with them has taken a lot of weight off my shoulders as we have some very busy periods during the year where we simply cannot house all our clients an d have to make use of additional agencies, like iRoom-UK. Their professionalism in everything they do, also help with keeping us and the clients happy. iRoom-UK gave

me the opportunity to up-scale and accept more bookings, since I know that I can rely on them to help with the people we cannot house. From a tenant point of view, over the years we have ironed out majority of problems and I admit that sometime you dont always get it 100% correct, but since the complaints of my clients have basically disappeared, iRooms-UK must have done something right. To end, they are a great partner to have, always give 100 % in efforts and always professional!! Thank you, great having you all on board!!

Get In Lettings Team, partner

I must say that iRoom-UK team are hard working and professional and they are truly deserving of their reputation as one of the best shared accommodation providers in London.
We have been cooperating with them for quite some time now and would be more than happy to recommend iRoom-UK to anyone whether you are a landlord or a perspective tenant that would benefit from a friendly and a hassle-free service.
These guys are just brilliant!



Kate Holton


Great selection of rooms for different preferences. Guys helped me with moving to another house when I changed my work place. Highly recommend!

Billy White


Easy and fast booking. Had great experience choosing my room and staying over with you guys. Everyone was nice and polite when I needed help. Thank you!

Maggie Petterson


Great experience. Good service. Low prices. Highly recommended

Christina Thompson


I was happy to receive my job offer in such a great city and iRoom-UK made my stay comfortable and joyful. Communication is quick and easy, everything is organized professionally with care about the customers. I definitely made the right choice! I give you all five stars, guys.

Janet Stewart


A great place to stay. Sorry for being a bit annoying with all my small requests)) And thank you for all your prompt assistance! I have already advised my friend to book a room with you. She's coming next month! Cheers ;)

Lindsay Robinson


Thank you for giving me a chance to stay with you, guys! That was definitely a great time of my life. Nice service, clean property and friendy housemates. Highly recommended!